Did you know or even want to?

G’day all,

Often when a friend seemingly disappears off the net with no explanation or forewarning, I find myself checking their page every now and again, being a well known sticky-beak I eventually become besieged by doubt and/or concern as time passes, are they ill, do they have writers block or maybe they have lost interest? Seldom does it enter my befuddled brain that anyone of you may have a life in the real world that takes precedents every now and again.

So with that thought in mind, seeing I myself dropped off the web without a by-your-leave for a month or so, to return to the bush to have a holiday with my elderly Aunt, albeit nursing an egotistical hope that someone out there may have noticed my absence,and understand why I have not replied to messages etc (no internet in the bush) I have decided to open a Did you know or even want to page.

In the past I have only posted, literary content, this being somewhat because I am still very much a newbie on W/P and still trying to work out all the technical ins-and-outs, much to my distress at times, anyway, I have decided to take the bull by the horns and use this page as more a personal section, that may or may-not have anything to do with the serious side of writing Per se.

This is not to say I will be undulating you with enthralling titbits about when our dog does something cute, or our chooks lay a double yoker, no, but to jot different thoughts that I feel the urge to note down,
such as today being a special day here in Aus, and as every True Blue out there, I just want to say to those that fought and died, so we could live in freedom, peace and harmony

Thank you

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
We will remember them.
Lest We Forget.

Anzac Day – 25 April – is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. The Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) forces landed on Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, meeting fierce resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders.

What had been planned as a bold stroke to knock Turkey out of the war quickly became a stalemate, and the campaign dragged on for eight months. At the end of 1915, the allied forces were evacuated from the peninsula, with both sides having suffered heavy casualties and endured great hardships.
More than 8,000 Australian soldiers had been killed. The Gallipoli campaign had a profound impact on Australians at home, and 25 April soon became the day on which Australians remembered the sacrifice of those who died in the war.

Although the Gallipoli campaign failed in its military objectives, the Australian and New Zealand actions during the campaign left us all a powerful legacy. The creation of what became known as the “Anzac legend” became an important part of the identity of both nations, shaping the way we view both our past and our future.


Belief is just a whisper of silent prayers



As Barbarians advance their hatred flares
a fanatical soulless warhead
Belief is just a whisper of silent prayers

A translucent awareness that snares
leaving each waking day full of dread
Faith imparts hope when the world despairs

It cannot continue the social media blares
countless innocents left dying or dead
Belief is just a whisper of silent prayers

Incomprehension the majority shares
lost are those from which reason has fled
Faith imparts hope when the world despairs

Beware those that our freedom impairs
cease communication it’s all been said
Belief is just a whisper of silent prayers

Enough is enough the free world declares
time has come to put this atrocity to bed
Faith imparts hope when the world despairs
Belief is just a whisper of silent prayers

A New Year Wish



A New Year wish if I may be so bold
hopefully delivered before midnight
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

The night is still young, though this year is old
forgive your own errors don’t be contrite
A New Year’s wish if I may be so bold

An old year’s end should never be condoled
be true to your goals keeping them in sight
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

It’s a brand new year, for you to infold
wield your journey in a positive light
A New Year’s wish if I may be so bold

May your hopes and wishes evolve twofold
as 2017 arrives clear and bright
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

Good health, happiness and joy to behold
any troubles that come be only slight
A New Year’s wish if I may be so bold
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

The reason for the season … The Christmas spirit.

Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air
pass it along to everyone this gift that ensures an inner glow
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

Doesn’t require wrapping in pretty paper to give it extra flair
restriction of its potential will prevent a natural ebb and flow
Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air

Belief, unlike Santa is unseen albeit of its presence we’re aware
deliverance can be as easy as a friendly nod or a cheery hello
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

The simple act of acknowledgment may a broken spirit repair
igniting a spark of hope warming as sunshine through a window
Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air

A way of spreading humanity maybe a lessening of despair
realising we’re not alone releases the spirit to let serenity grow
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

It’s a genuine wish for a Merry Christmas for every one out there
acceptance and understanding what better gift to bestow
Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

Julia, a surrogate Granddaughter




Arriving as you did out of the blue from a foreign shore
a young girl of fifteen exhibiting such a wealth of courage
Increasing our trio of granddaughters to a total of four.

Eleven months ahead of you for a new life to explore
Albeit uncertainty and homesickness firstly to abridge
Arriving as you did out of the blue from a foreign shore.

Embracing each challenge while misgivings you’d ignore
Blending into family life with strangers not easy to manage
Increasing our trio of granddaughters to a total of four.

Accepting and accepted ‘twas time your new life to explore
Sightseeing, schooling, animals the whole Aussie package
Arriving as you did out of the blue from a foreign shore.

Easily emerging for Brazil an exemplary young ambassador
Congratulations Julia on the way you handled this voyage
Increasing our trio of granddaughters to a total of four.

From Poppy and Lyn our best wishes with you evermore
You will always be considered our family love appendage
Eleven months ahead of you for a new life to explore
Arriving as you did out of the blue from a foreign shore

The City Slicker



This tale will oft time be told with a snicker, of the visiting city slicker who failed to heed advice, re crossing country roads after a month of flooding rain.

The nightly news foretold that those who took chances considered bold, by attempting to drive, swim or row through flowing waters, may soon witness their ego on the wane.

In apprehension he shuddered when on observing saw the road ahead was flooded, surely they wouldn’t have to turn around and head three hundred k’s back home again.

When a woman driver full sass, just chasséd through the shimmering mass, this naturally he construed to read, it’s only a wet country road not the river Seine.

Didn’t want to appear silly and follow past warnings scattered willy-nilly, as obviously others forge ahead from updates he had as yet to ascertain.

With no experienced preparation suddenly causing heart thumping trepidation, the choice to follow the example of a local proved somewhat in vain.

Didn’t even make it halfway to the other side when the car sputtered, gurgled and died, implanting the hapless embarrassed travelers in a negative domain.

Trapped, feeling like a galoot when a red bearded bushy in his Ute arrived, calling hang on a minute mate I’ll back up and give you a tow, I’ve a heavy chain.

Alighting from the cabin door dressed in skimpy BVD’s nothing more, he waded through the depths to marry both vehicle together … whoa its cold …his only refrain.

Without a buy your leave the chain gave a mighty heave getting all to dry land, after which the cocky gave a wave … a token reward he refused to entertain

‘Twas with tear moistened eyes the city slicker acknowledged his auto’s demise, seemingly totally stunned at the result of using his car like an aquaplane.

Can happen quicker than a blink, when driving through the drink says our now foot weary hero, struth! It was so much more fun to drive our car than having to catch a train.

There’s a car salesman out there grinning, thinking of the commission he’ll be winning when he sells them a newbie, albeit leaving the slicker in financial pain.

As always there is a moral to the story, being there are more sensible ways to bask in glory that don’t end with foolishness not that easy to explain.

Mothers Day

What does it mean to you?

I get so very upset when I see the bombardment of advertisements spruiking their sales pitch, aimed at instilling a feeling of guilt to those that don’t buy their Mum the biggest or best and of course most expensive gift, or the flipside being those that bemoan it’s just far too commercial now.

          The truth of the matter is most Mums don’t want or expect expensive gifts, that’s not what Mother’s day is supposed be about. The words I love you Mum from any offspring of any age outclasses any other Mother’s day gift on earth.

          I for one thank god I was blessed with the gift of our children, who by just being themselves have given me more riches than money could ever buy, commercialism has nothing to do with my idea of Mother’s day I need no extra gifts, I have had a life time full of them every day, and to all Mums out there, I know deep down it is the same, we are a very privileged band of people.  

          As I look into the faces of my adult children on this special day, I find myself slipping back in time, to a much younger Mum’s place.

          The diamond earrings that were purchased at the flea market with saved pocket money and given with such love and excitement you were wrong Mummy, diamonds don’t cost a lot of money at the market, putting up with the green rings that formed from wearing them.

          A plastic string of love hearts, given with such majesty as if they were pearls. Being confided to by the mother that sold our daughter the metal soap shaker, that when she tried to persuade this first grader to buy something “pretty” for Mum from the stall, she was told in no uncertain way, Mummy doesn’t like them she needs a new shaker, that shaker, well used and now rusty, resides in my treasure box along with the things that were bought with more love than money.

          It is remembering the cold bread, butter and Vegemite sandwich served with tea made with cold water, because you know I am not allowed to use the toaster or kettle till I am seven.

          While chopping wood for the fire and overhearing our young son tell his friend, when I grow up I want to have muscles like Mummy…. Or all those cuddles that were needed NOW.

          These are a fraction of the priceless memories that are sealed with love and bound to my heart that make up Mother’s day for me, to be revisited at any given time, not only on the second Sunday in May.

Every Mum has a treasure trove like this hidden away, so to all out there that are Mums, will one day be Mums or to those that take on a Mum’s role, you have got the best gift of all,  cherish it, it’s a very important one …  Happy Mother’s Day

Skill with the drill

Returning to the dentist and her scary drill,
a visit on a day that tested my will.

Whiled away an hour, cause she was running late,
a harrowing time spent contemplating my fate.

She wasn’t too happy with my teeth last week,
so off for full X-rays a clearer picture to seek.

Then full of dread waiting to learn the result
Envisioning another painful drill- assault

Like a lamb to the slaughter I’m led to the chair,
Nurse keeps chattering a trick to keep me there.

My Dentist arrives … face mask in place,
I simulate a demeanour of dignity and grace

“Muzz the news is not good so I will be blunt,
a root canal’s needed for that tooth in the front”.

On having the needle, I didn’t utter a peep
I’d just removed myself … pretended to sleep.

A light doze I’ll admit while still being aware,
in a twilight zone far too drugged up to care.

While practicing her craft with talent and might,
she drills and she digs until she gets it just right.

Arose next morning in more pain than before,
with no end in sight there’s still appointments galore.

I gifted this poem, hoping mounting fees to stall,
next visit it’s there framed up on her wall

My catchcry being …we are girls we can do this,
reneging at this stage would be quite remiss

Costs rocketed so high … for this little lot,
reckon I bought my dentist her very own yacht.

G’day All

I do hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

I am thrilled to be able to post again I have missed blogging, but priorities are a hard task master, I without a doubt try to be obedient to the cause.

It is of no importance as to why I dropped out of WordPress circulation, ‘twas just life, and that alone is explanation enough.

This posting is to thank all you good people who have continued to visit my page in my absence; I will of course now be able to return the favour, albeit it may take a little time to get around to every one of you.

Looking into the distance of an unknown future, I do once again see short absences from blogging from time to time, thankfully being forewarned is paramount to being forearmed.

With that being said let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and healthy New Year .



I miss you Dad

Dad at Matt's Weddinf

It’s Fathers day here in Australia, although my dad has been gone for some years I’d like to honour him this day.

Dear Dad

You have meant so many things to ones met along the way
but as your Daughter Dad, I have some words I want to say.

When the thoughts of you come from way down deep within,
again I feel your love surround me just like a second skin.

Looking back across the years at the unusual life I had
all I can say to you is, “thank god you chose to be my Dad”

You were so strong and handsome while I too young to stand
I now know the courage of the man that took me by the hand.

You undertook a lifelong task, without a second thought
honesty, love and understanding, the three main things you taught.

Your years of loneliness and hardship, with none to lend a hand
not until I was an adult could I hope to understand.

Between us were some differences, neither one of us a saint
but there’d be no black shadows if your picture I could paint.

Providing security and contentment in a world turned upside down,
your dedication and integrity far reaching and honour bound.

Loving, nurturing, guiding and an occasional whack or two
made up a very happy childhood; and that’s only thanks to you.

One last time I came to you and gently held your hand
not waking you from sleep knowing you would understand.

Feeling no words were needed as we usually were in sync
musing on times we sat back and I’d catch your wicked wink.

Now your mission here is over, it was time for you to go.
three generations of my family saddened, left basking in your glow.

You have returned to God now Dad to be at peace once more
knowing Nan will welcome you right by Heavens door.

All my love

Bright things



Bright things, shiny things, multi sided things that illuminate the night

clear things, coloured things; many different sized things that sparkle in the light


They are detected, selected, collected and finally inspected,

defined once refined, resulting in nature’s beauty resurrected.


Used to wear, share, show you care albeit often times to ensnare,

while fiercely emulating To The Manor Born folk with haughtiness and flair.


No matter the size of the bling, nothing elevates man more; to status of king

than when he offers  his love a genuine stone in a ring.


Bright things, shiny things, many sided things that illuminate the night

clear things, coloured things; many different sized things that sparkle in the light.