The reason for the season … The Christmas spirit.

Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air
pass it along to everyone this gift that ensures an inner glow
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

Doesn’t require wrapping in pretty paper to give it extra flair
restriction of its potential will prevent a natural ebb and flow
Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air

Belief, unlike Santa is unseen albeit of its presence we’re aware
deliverance can be as easy as a friendly nod or a cheery hello
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

The simple act of acknowledgment may a broken spirit repair
igniting a spark of hope warming as sunshine through a window
Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air

A way of spreading humanity maybe a lessening of despair
realising we’re not alone releases the spirit to let serenity grow
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

It’s a genuine wish for a Merry Christmas for every one out there
acceptance and understanding what better gift to bestow
Tiny bells tinkling goose bumps tingling anticipation’s in the air
The Christmas spirit is contagious the time has come to share

A rest before the birdsong

Days 24 and 25

Tuesday … 26th … looking out my window I see patches of blue here and there, the leaves on the tree near the front entrance are dancing to what I assume is a chilling breeze.

After all the excitement of yesterday we decided to have a take it easy day today, we did have to go to the supermarket, so took a leisurely stroll around Wigan, I bought a little gift for Bindy, seeing I missed her birthday.

            Following lunch, because Norma’s lap top had had a seizure and died she’d given it to John to do his magical resurrection trick, so she ventured out into the hothouse, she is taking an interest in the little seedlings, repotting some and sorting out those she doesn’t want, to be  given away to those who want them.

            Pat and I went on our lap tops sorting photos, catching up on friends and family news on F/B, and typing our diaries, until a knock announced Ian’s arrival for a cuppa and chat. By the time Ian left it was time for dinner, which consisted of a toasted cheese sandwich in front of the TV, It as a pleasant and restful day. 


 Wednesday … 27th … and again today my window reveals a gloomy view.

We seem to be turning into late starters, too many good late TV shows I reckon, so by the time we finish brekkie and clean up it was time to leave. Today the three of us headed out, taking what Pat and I appreciated as a very scenic route, albeit as Norma commented, it was owing to the fact that she had taken a wrong turn, had she gone the correct way it would have been a shorter and less interesting drive to arrive at Slimbridge, a village near Dursley in Gloucestershire, and the home of Martin Mere Wetland Centrewetland nature reserve, managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust  which was our destination.

            We wandered around this tranquil wetland oasis for about four awe inspiring hours, I personally was enthralled by the feeling of serenity I experienced while visiting all the different sections. It was astounding to see so many different duck species, and copious breeds of bird life happily co-existing together, albeit the outstanding flamingos, both the Greater and the Chilean breeds are separated by fences from each other as well as all other birds.

            In our meandering we came across a ticket office for guided boat tours, the next tour was to leave in twenty minutes, so we decided to be brave and bought three tickets; being it was well past midday and we could see a hot dog stand close by, you guessed it, we bought one each for lunch … well we had twenty minutes to fill prior to the boat tour start, so what better way to do it.

            After getting on the boat our nerves soon abated, as it was well balanced with seating enough for, I would guess ten to twelve, as well as the driver; our tour only had ten passengers so there was ample room. The driver who was also shouldering the guide responsibility, was not only well informed in reference to the waterway and it’s history itself, but to everything that lived in it, his vast knowledge and cheeky wit he passed on to us, and was happy to answer any question we hurled at him.

As he guided the boat silently through the water channels, we could see the different ducks some swimming along side, or playing in the long reeds that lined our path. Some of the children on our boat had purchased a bag of feed, they were tossing that over board and the birds and ducks would swim for it, the ride went for about forty five minutes, but like all good things it came to an end.

            From the boat we continued our journey by wandering through corridors formed by thick bushes, brightly coloured spring wild flowers and  copious  trees, these form a lacy canopy overhead sheltering the hundreds of small birds that flitter through the foliage while filling the park with a birdsong chorus that is gentle on the mind, these particular walking tracks led to the  … Hides … thoughtful structures scattered intermittently throughout dense foliage areas for unobtrusively observing the birds. We came across many passionate bird watchers sitting in them with binoculars as well as camera’s, we were lucky enough ourselves to see a pair of swans with six little cygnets happily swimming around, unaware of our presence while we were sitting in one.

            By four o’clock the overcast sky had started to look rather threatening, the cold gusty wind that had been whipping through the trees all day was starting to almost freeze the smiles on our faces and every now and again we could feel a sprinkle of rain, so we decided it was time to head for the car. We had only gone a couple of miles … yes distance is measured in miles here … when the weather broke and the rain started, it  stayed with us all the way home, during dinner, TV time  and was still falling when we went to bed, but I didn’t mind , it had been another wonderful day.