I miss you Dad

Dad at Matt's Weddinf

It’s Fathers day here in Australia, although my dad has been gone for some years I’d like to honour him this day.

Dear Dad

You have meant so many things to ones met along the way
but as your Daughter Dad, I have some words I want to say.

When the thoughts of you come from way down deep within,
again I feel your love surround me just like a second skin.

Looking back across the years at the unusual life I had
all I can say to you is, “thank god you chose to be my Dad”

You were so strong and handsome while I too young to stand
I now know the courage of the man that took me by the hand.

You undertook a lifelong task, without a second thought
honesty, love and understanding, the three main things you taught.

Your years of loneliness and hardship, with none to lend a hand
not until I was an adult could I hope to understand.

Between us were some differences, neither one of us a saint
but thereā€™d be no black shadows if your picture I could paint.

Providing security and contentment in a world turned upside down,
your dedication and integrity far reaching and honour bound.

Loving, nurturing, guiding and an occasional whack or two
made up a very happy childhood; and that’s only thanks to you.

One last time I came to you and gently held your hand
not waking you from sleep knowing you would understand.

Feeling no words were needed as we usually were in sync
musing on times we sat back and I’d catch your wicked wink.

Now your mission here is over, it was time for you to go.
three generations of my family saddened, left basking in your glow.

You have returned to God now Dad to be at peace once more
knowing Nan will welcome you right by Heavens door.

All my love