A New Year Wish



A New Year wish if I may be so bold
hopefully delivered before midnight
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

The night is still young, though this year is old
forgive your own errors don’t be contrite
A New Year’s wish if I may be so bold

An old year’s end should never be condoled
be true to your goals keeping them in sight
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

It’s a brand new year, for you to infold
wield your journey in a positive light
A New Year’s wish if I may be so bold

May your hopes and wishes evolve twofold
as 2017 arrives clear and bright
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

Good health, happiness and joy to behold
any troubles that come be only slight
A New Year’s wish if I may be so bold
That is the time for all dreams to unfold

G’day All

I do hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

I am thrilled to be able to post again I have missed blogging, but priorities are a hard task master, I without a doubt try to be obedient to the cause.

It is of no importance as to why I dropped out of WordPress circulation, ‘twas just life, and that alone is explanation enough.

This posting is to thank all you good people who have continued to visit my page in my absence; I will of course now be able to return the favour, albeit it may take a little time to get around to every one of you.

Looking into the distance of an unknown future, I do once again see short absences from blogging from time to time, thankfully being forewarned is paramount to being forearmed.

With that being said let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and healthy New Year .



An explanaion

G’day all,

I feel it only fair to assure you that I am still among the living, albeit not having as much free time to relax and write that I had been enjoying previously.

Residing in a somewhat bush-fire prone area,this small hobby farm becomes a hard task master in the spring and summer, Hubby not being a gardener the task of maintaining  the vegie patch, fruit trees and any flower garden along with the usual house wifely indoor duties being my department, lawns,  animals and fire proofing our few acres are his.

I will try to catch up on back reading and contacts as time permits, in the mean time I just wanted to touch base with you all.