The first family reunion

Day 28

Saturday … 30th … There is sun albeit a very cold wind is again taking the limelight

I was first up this morning, had showered and my hand washing was done and on the cloth line before the others ventured out, there wasn’t a lot planned, just a catch up shopping trip before lunch.

We weren’t home long when Norma’s friends Dot and Bert arrived, Dot to chat and Bert to get into the hothouse where he discovered much to his delight, I had repotted a tray of snow peas out next to a bamboo curtain attached to the outside of the hot house, in the hopes that they would climb there. Norma has started taking a great interest out there, in the last few day she has been busy repotting some seedlings and planting others.

This afternoon Susan, Pat and I went off to Walton in Liverpool to meet up with some of Pat’s family from her Mum’s side. Norma refuses to come as she feels she was slighted by them a while back. It turned out to be rather a fun afternoon watching Pat getting to know the family members she hadn’t seen for over sixty years, and for Susan meeting distant cousins for the very first time.

For Pat being the instigator of the get-together it was a highly emotional time, she had been tracing her family tree diligently for years, then contacting each one she could find on facebook, renewing family ties with the hopes of someday meeting up with them again, and this possibly being her last trip back to her homeland it was somewhat surreal that it had actually come to fruition.

Being that, not only was I unrelated to, nor had had any sort of contact with all those waiting to greet us, I found it very interesting observing the reactions and body language as we entered their home. considering both Susan and Patricia were relatives, albeit never having had any contact with them other than on Pat’s F/B page. As expected it took a little while for everybody to relax and feel comfortable enough to be themselves around the newcomers in their midst,.

It wasn’t long until the conversations started to flow naturally thus generating a wave of warmth and friendship that I could sense filtering through the collective group that made it fun to be part of this family reunion.

By the time we had to take our leave, so many questions had been asked and answered, opening the way for new family links to be forged while others were strengthened with promises to keep in touch. On the way home Susan and Pat reminisced about their discoveries and feelings in becoming newly acquainted with this branch of their family, while I dozed quietly in the back seat.

I was so tuckered out that as soon as I sat down in to lounge I was struggling to keep my eyes open so did the only sensible thing, I wished all a good night and went off to bed. I heard the next morning Pat had done the same thing a few minutes later.


Any and all critique welcome

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