Aunty Eileen

Day 29

Sunday …31st Good morning rain, and your friend Slight Breeze.

Today again saw Susan, Pat and I off to meet yet more relations, albeit only a small twig of Pat’s family tree on her Mother’s side, this time in Wavertree in Liverpool.

It was an elderly lady who answered Pat’s knock on the door, and replied no! Aunty Mary! to Pat’s somewhat hesitant querying  Aunty Eileen! Please do come in Eileen is in the lounge room. Introductions made and we were led into meet Pat’s Aunty Eileen, a very frail little old lady of eighty seven years, who we were soon to discover was recuperating from a broken hip, resulting from a fall taken in her lounge room not long past.

In the mean time while awaiting those family members still to arrive, we had a chance to get to know these two lovely ladies, Mary is Eileen’s eighty four year old sister and fulltime carer, who readily informed us that there is a constant stream of family members that do drop in daily for company and moral support, not to mention the two visiting nurses who regularly attend, not only to ensure the hip healing process is going to plan but to assist in any other day to day concerns Eileen and/or Mary may have, be it medical or personal.

Honestly Eileen may have been frail of body   but good lord her mind was as fresh and sharp as a twenty year old, her memory was without a doubt faultless, she was answering Pat’s questions on family matters, such as who married who, and what their children’s names were, going back beyond fifty years, as well as naming family members and telling stories from her own childhood.

It was after the rest of the family turned up that we discovered what a wicked sense of humour Eileen possesses. Being an ardent Everton supporter, she knows the name of all the players in the team (both past and present), and wouldn’t think of not watching every single game. We were left without a doubt that she has no time for any other team or their players. Just listening to the teasing repartee ricocheting back and forth between her and her beloved grandson, who happens to follow a different team than hers, had us all almost rolling on the floor with laughter, albeit in admitting her love for him as a grandson, she was very quick to add how sick he was for following the other team.

Of all the new members of my friend’s family I have met in the past six weeks, I have to say that my visit with Aunty Eileen and Aunty Mary was the most rewarding for me from an insightful perspective. It was with a feeling of regret that we had to leave after a very pleasant visit, where again everyone that attended had made us all feel very welcome and proved genuinely pleased that both Susan and Pat had taken the time to look them up and to reconnect as family.

Again I occupied the backseat going home, while the other two chatted about their different thoughts and feelings resulting from their visit to this group of the family that until now had been lost to them. As I had come to expect from UK hospitality, we had been treated to a delicious afternoon tea, consisting of sandwiches, half porkpies and sausage rolls, to name just a few of the goodies on offer, leaving us with little appetite for a big dinner, so tonight we settled for a grilled cheese sandwich, before adjoining to the lounge room where Pat caught Norma up on the news followed by a bit of TV before heading off to bed.

2 comments on “Aunty Eileen

    • G’day Kahwahtan,
      I am missing my family it’s true albeit, I am also enjoying these new experiences, that up until about 14 years ago seemed an impossible dream… Thank you for reading, it’s much appreciated


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