The Inn on the Lake

The above photo was taken off the inn’s web site

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Thursday …28th … A slightly overcast sky greeted me this morning, although the sun was expected to shine.

Rest day, with a strong gusty wind blowing and intermittent sunshine, you guessed it, laundry day, once the washing is done and flapping merrily on the line, and the morning chores are taken care of we three all do our own thing.

Norma tends to the plants in the hothouse for a while or potters around her garden, as we all have our own laptops we adjourn to our rooms and catch up on emails, friends or writing.      Lunch today is a sandwich of choice, and then it’s back to reading, typing or just chatting until it’s time o prepare dinner and as it wasn’t a very active day we just have a light dinner before adjourning to the lounge room for a spot of TV before bed time.


   Friday … 29th Woke to the sound of rain, and I ask myself, why wouldn’t it be a wet day, we are being taken to the Lake District as a treat,

This trip to Glenridding  Village had been arraigned by Ian and Lindsay a couple of weeks back, the lake district being a must see for visiting tourist, it’s also where they were married so remains a very special place for the both of them. We set off in two cars being that there are too many of us  to fit comfortably in one, Lindsay and young Harry in one, while Ian is chauffeuring his mum in the front passenger seat, Pat and myself in the back with Ozzy … the dog …  sitting quietly  in the boot section behind us.

                        The rain had eased during the drive but not the wind, on alighting from the vehicle I could feel its freezing bite heading straight to my bones. Majestically imposing, the building itself was what I have come to expect here. The Inn on the Lake, Glenridding, Ullswater, Cumbria, CA11 0PE. Recently awarded 4 AA stars and two rosettes, it enjoys one of the most spectacular settings in the Lake District on 15 acres of grounds, with lawns sweeping to the shores of Lake Ullswater. The village is popular with mountain walkers who can scale England’s third highest mountain, Helvellyn, and many other challenging peaks from here. A dog friendly hotel with its own outdoor activities including 9 hole pitch and putt golf course, croquet lawn and children’s outdoor play area.

We decided to wander through the village itself first, and seeing the Glenridding Public hall was having a craft market we headed over there, where  talented locals were selling their creations, Pat bought a lovely wooden wine glass holder that fits over the neck of the wine bottle as gift for her hubby Bill. There was so many beautifully crafted treasures, jewellery, hand knitted goods, or toys, albeit our main trouble being we are so limited in what we can buy to take on the plane.  Next stop was the quaint little tourist shop that seemed to sell anything from postcards, snacks, and souvenirs through to kiddies wear.

It was soon time to return so we could explore the grounds of the inn, rounding the corner of the building itself to an awe inspiring panoramic view  spread out before us, framed by side boundaries of various flowering shrubs and bushes all doing the dance of the uninhibited to the beat of the relentless gusts of icy cold wind,  the vivid green of manicured lawns separated by a wide arrow-straight path, itself defined by a meticulously clipped low hedge, both leading to the edge of the lake that today is dressed in her best shimmering slate grey,  appearing to almost meet up in the distance with … save but for the misty smudge that depicted the distant shore … the dark rolling nimbostratus clouds that had blocked the sunlight, thus preventing what would have been to all intents and purposes a picture perfect vision.

Wandering to the water’s edge where Ozzy is let off his leash, this freedom has him racing to what appears to be a lake overflow pool which on close inspection houses hundreds of tiny little fish that are constantly weaving in and out between the water weeds growing there. Without any hesitation Ozzy runs into the water splashing and thrashing around having a wonderful time.

Harry had wandered to the end of a small pier, Ian found a stick which he threw into the lake, sending Ozzy off with tail wagging and an open mouth tongue lolling grin into the water in a mad dash to grab it, with Harry yelling encouragement and pointing to the floating stick as it drifts to and fro in the choppy water, the dog happily retrieves it and returns it to shore, this game went on until we were all feeling the need for warmth and a comforting hot drink so headed  back into the Inn.

Passing through the Lake View lounges to the unique Orangery with 360 degree views of the lake and surround- fells to enjoy afternoon tea. To my utter amazement  the moment we were seated a waiter came bearing a dog bowl containing fresh water and placed it on the floor at Ozzie’s paws, gave him a friendly pat and with a warm smile in our direction quietly withdrew. Our waiter took our drink orders, and confirmed the afternoon tea menu was to our liking then left only to return a short while later.

Placing alongside a fresh fruit, sliced ham and cheese platter a basket of aromatic  warm garlic bread that immediately had our mouths watering, soon followed by two three tiered serving plates of sandwiches, little pork pie halves, sweet and shortbread biscuits not to mention an assortment of cream cakes to please any palate, without a doubt a spread fit for royalty. Harry unimpressed by all the delicacies before him ordered his favourite bacon barm, English for bread roll, and  a hot chocolate drink.

While we were enjoying our sumptuous respite, we were watching with great interest a wedding party assembling on the patio outside the Lake View lounges. With her elbow length veil floating in the wind and wearing a figure hugging snow white wedding gown the Bride looked dazzling, resting her arm on that of I assume her father’s, while her attendants dressed in sleeveless what appeared to be Cadbury blue gowns, waited for the cue to lead them down the path to the gazebo, set up halfway down the lawn towards the lake.

It was while they were signing the register certificates that the rain came slicing down on their guests who were not under cover, causing them to leave their seats and make a run for the shelter of the Inn, it was only a short wait until the rain passed so the newly married couple were able to walk with dignity back to their guests without getting wet.

After a second round of coffee and hot chocolates and with most of the afternoon tea consumed, it was time to make our way home, bringing to an end what had been a wonderful fun day, thanks to Lindsay and Ian’s generosity. On being dropped off at home, we three girls went straight to the lounge room for reminiscence on the day, a little TV and bed


Any and all critique welcome

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