Day 22

Sunday … 24th … Open the drapes to be greeted with a cold wet day being fanned into life by a gentle breeze, I silently closed the blinds and crawled back under the covers, 🙂

Eventually I have to get a grip and except  not every day can be sunny like yesterday, so I get out of bed, it is now seven am and not a sound from down stairs. I check my email, type up some notes and still no sound, so type up more notes, eventually there is movement in the rooms below mine, I try to be quiet as I go down the stairs, albeit in the silence it sounds like I have football boots on.

            I enter the kitchen to find it empty, although there is signs of a coffee having been made and I assume taken back to bed with the perpetrator, being by nature an early riser, to be in a home full of people still sleeping at nine am is so foreign, leaving me unsure of what to do, so I made myself a cuppa and took it back up stairs.

            Eventually  I hear Norma and Pat chatting so I wander down and join them in the kitchen,  by  the time showers are over and brekkie is all finished it’s almost eleven.  We hadn’t planned anything for the day and the rain had stopped, so we decided to chance it and head off to a pet welcome public Oasis, called Pennington Flash, a 200-hectare country park. Located between Lowton and Pennington, Leigh in Greater Manchester, it contained all the ingredients for a fun family day, colourful playground equipment for children, food and ice-cream vans doing a roaring trade, public utilities intermittently scattered throughout.

            One of the premier bird watching sites in the North West a haven for geese, white swans, ducks and an assortment of bird life, all happily coexisting and running up to any newcomer in the hopes of being thrown a scrap of food, We were lucky enough to see two parent swans with their three little Cygnets, a little further along a mother duck busily gliding along the water’s edge surrounded by six tiny little fluffy ducklings.

            Had it not been for a freezing breeze whipping off the water, through the foliage and down the tracks, it would have been perfect walking down the somewhat rustic pathways, flanked either side by tall trees that not only shaded and protected the lush undergrowth of bushes and colourful spring flowers, but played host to the many tiny birds flitting almost invisibly through the canopy of leaves, while filling the air with enchanting birdsong.

            With time getting on, combined with the exercise, our thoughts turned to food, because of the late brekkie none of us had eaten lunch and it was almost four pm, so we set off to the nearest family farmhouse-style Harvester Restaurants. Being Sunday, it was rather crowded, four squealing children running wild between the tables bought no interference from a doting young mum, sigh.The food menu offered was  fairly extensive albeit inexpensive, the servings were generous, self serve salads aplenty were available as were a variety of sauces and condiments. Both Pat’s gammon and Norma’s ribs were delicious, although my choice of creamy pasta with pulled pork was rather bland, this wouldn’t stop me returning at another time, but I would defiantly not be choosing pasta.

            We eventually arrived home feeling very satisfied with our day, all the walking around the park  had left us all a tad tired, so armed with a hot drink we headed to the lounge room for the ritual TV session before heading off to bed


2 comments on “Day 22

  1. Well done , Norma. One of the hardest things to do after losing your loved one, is to leave the house. I didn’t until my son made me and I began living again. She is lucky to have friends like you.

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