Day 21

Saturday … 23rd … A beautiful warm sunny day greeted me as I pulled the drapes open his morning.

Getting over yesterday is something that will take a day or two for those, who find themselves feeling both  physically and emotionally battered and bruised, an understandable result of the harrowing past few weeks, with this eventually in mind nothing too strenuous was planned.

I get the feeling that Norma and I may be alike in the thought that a sunny day and a half-full washing basket should not share the same day, so naturally on goes her washing machine, the only trouble with that being, she didn’t hear me say I’ll just grab mine to add to the load, I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging here ;-).

Just as we were finishing off Brekkie, a knock on the door and in walks, Ian, Lindsay and  Gemma,  soon to be followed by Susan, and John, all whom have returned to collect their cars that had been left here overnight.

After a family chat over warm drinks and cakes left from yesterday Ian and John headed home, whilst the ladies of the family decided to go and photograph the funeral floral arraignments that are left out on display at the Crematorium, they each then took a bloom home to press and keep as a memento, I took the time to myself to take a shower and to do my washing by hand, seeing I missed the washing `machine call.

The sun continued to shine all afternoon, so Norma headed out into the hot house and transplanted the seventy tiny seedlings that had arrived in the post into small plant pots Pat and I sat on chairs outside enjoying the sunshine until it was time for diner, consisting of salad and gamin or salad and salmon, all being left over from yesterday,

It was then time to bring in the cloths off the line, clean up the kitchen and head off into the lounge with a warm drink of our choice and an ice-cream, watch some TV and head off to bed.

Any and all critique welcome

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