Day … 18


Wednesday … 20th … The world through my window is again grey and bleak looking, has been raining all night.

Even though it’s raining again Norma has decided it’s laundry day because it will be a few days before things slow down enough for us to do it, so we ended up with two airers full of wet washing in the lounge room, I of course hand washed my jeans again as the blue dye still runs. It had stopped raining  and although it was overcast it was windy, so I took a chance and hung them on the line, much to my amusement they actually dried.

Norma ducked down to the shops as she wanted to get a copy of the local paper to check if it contained the family’s death and funeral notice, and we needed some nutmeg and bread.

‘iwas my turn to cook dinner for tonight, so  had offered to make us an Aussie meat pie, I cooked the mince this morning,  leaving it to cool, while we all had some lunch after which I made the pastry, and cleaned up the kitchen, I do tend to spread a mess  when I cook

While Norma was visiting her friend next door, I ran the vacuum over the dining room carpet and Patricia polished the buffet and arranged all the sympathy cards in a manner that allowed the family easier access to read them.

After Norma returned bearing a gift of three delicious looking homemade thanks to that wonderful lady next door mince tarts, she decided as she isn’t too keen on mashed potato she’d prepare some tiny ones to boil, and Pat cooked up her root-veggie mash.    Norma then had to go out and collect Harry from school, he didn’t get a bacon snack today but chose to have an ice-cream instead, Ian called to collect him, he stayed chatting to everyone for a while before they both set off for home.

We three sat down to dinner, and I’m pleased to say Norma did enjoy her Aussie pie but she wouldn’t eat it with sauce as we do. Again finishing the day by doing the usual kitchen cleanup routine before hitting the lounge room for a bit of TV before bed.



Any and all critique welcome

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