Days 16 and 17

Monday … 18th Not a nice looking day at all,

Woke about 6am, open the drapes and immediately felt that sinking feeling I get when there’s no sunshine, only rain steadily falling from a flat slate gray sky, not even looking through a window that appears to be covered in little crystal tear drops can enhance the miserable view.

            After brekkie it was off to the shops again, the time had arrived to start preparing for the influx of family members and close friends expected to drop in home following the funeral and the usual meet and greet with refreshments,  which because of the number of Joe’s friends expected, is going to be held at an appropriate venue.

            Our return to the car from the shops was harrowing; ‘twas absolutely pouring rain and the wind roared around the top deck car park without a doubt doing its best to outshine any icy blast ever to blow out of Antarctica, this of course insights in me the tendency to giggle, believe me among the three of us, I am alone with this reaction, no matter whether the wind be cold or warm the effect on me has always been the same.

            Poor Norma was finding this wintery blast in her spring time a personal insult, as for Pat, the cold had set her arthritis ricocheting every which way but loose, although once in the car with the heater cranked up high they were more comfortable.

            It’s all systems go once we arrived home, I set about slicing and dicing the vegies that combined, make up a delicious coleslaw that stays crispy and fresh even when made a week before serving, while Pat got busy creating a lemon syrup cake as well as another batch of her chocolate topped caramel slice and Norma set too doing some house cleaning.

            Once all the cooking mess had been cleared away Norma started to prepare dinner myself and the two fish lovers, who sat down to what they assure me was a delicious meal of salmon, as was my pork chop, both dishes having been served with a side salad, then it’s again dishes time and into the lounge room for some well earned R and R before bed.

Tuesday … 19th Woke this morning with the sun glare rudely trying to penetrate through my eye lids, albeit within fifteen minutes the sky had succumbed to rolling black clouds, driven by a strong winter blast, that within a short period of time develops into a rather forceful rainstorm mercilessly pummelling the roof tiles, this hopefully not setting a pattern for the day ahead.

It was a rather restful lazy morning, some light housework, sorting through and checking that there will be ample seating and glasses for the expected invasion on Friday after the funeral, albeit the family have also decided to come here Thursday evening for dinner and a final check through the arraignments.

This afternoon young seven year old Harry’s grade three are giving an African drum playing demonstration for parents and friends, as both Lindsay and Ian work, Norma being Grand Mother naturally had to go, as did Pat and I, we collected cousin Gemma and set off for school.

The kiddies where so very sweet, all dressed in school uniform, looking very shy as we filed in, shyness instantly evaporated as their instructor directed them to assemble ready to play. It was of course rather loud as one can expect with about twenty-five or so seven year olds pounding on drums with wild enthusiasm, being a lover of the drums from way back, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

As it was last period of the school day Harry came home with us, Gemma set about cooking him his favourite after school snack of bacon on waffles, go figure. Norma then insisted on driving Gemma to her evening science lecture, Ian and Lindsay arrived shortly after to collect Harry,

Pat set about cooking her oat covered chicken in special sauce, and potato chips, we also served the coleslaw I had made the day before, Pat and I waited in anticipation for Norma’s verdict, one mouthful and she smiles and says it’s delicious, tastes just like sauerkraut, now never having tried that particular dish I wasn’t sure it was a complement until she took a second helping.

‘Twas then time to tidy the kitchen and settle in the lounge room to watch a two hour crime investigation show called Waking the Dead, that both Pat and Norma had been looking forward to for a couple of days, I don’t think I will be watching further episodes once I return home.

Then off to bed.


Any and all critique welcome

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