Days 14 and 15

Saturday … 16th … Rain overnight, but sun shining brightly on rising.

It’s good to see Norma has started eating brekkie again; just a single slice of toast but it’s a start,   had to get straight into the morning chores because Susan, John and Gemma along with Ian and Lindsay were expected reasonably early, they were all off to attend more funeral arraignments.

            A friend of Pat’s hubby arrived to see her while the family were out, so was up to me to welcome him as well as keep him company until they returned, Chris was a nice man and very chatty, filling me in on interesting times he and Bill Pat’s Hubby had had over their fifty odd years of friendship, that extended over the two countries.

In time the family arrived, introductions made and a pleasant hour or two passed unnoticed amid all the chatter, until it was time for the family to leave. Chris stayed on to share lunch with we three ladies, it had worked out well for him because he lived quite a distance away, and as he had come to watch a football match, he was able to kill the two birds with one stone,  so to speak.

                        Once Chris had departed to go watch his football game, we three all hit our PC,s  what an age we live in, Oh well it is what it is. I only had a short break as it was my turn to prepare dinner and they wanted potato bake which entails a lot of chopping, slicing and dicing of vegies, all really worth it as it’s a tasty and nourishing meal. The nightly kitchen clean up takes place, after which is the usual wind down time in front of TV before bed.

Sunday … 17th … The sun appears to be playing a game of hide and seek with the fluffy grey clouds who are being aided by a somewhat gusty wind.

After brekkies, the other two disappear to their room, to check email and no doubt facebook, I decide to do some hand washing, as I’m hanging out a pair of jeans I had washed in a bucket, Norma sticks her head out the door to ask if I have washing needs doing, she’s about to put a load on, honestly I couldn’t win, if I had the only ticket they’d cancel the draw.

            Norma went inside to type up the order of service she had designed for the upcoming funeral, Pat started weeding between the cement blocks that make up the outdoor patio, leaving me to play in the hothouse. I had just starting sorting out all the different size containers and empty plant pots, when I heard familiar voices, Susan, John, Gemma and Matthew had arrived, I am astonished at the amount of support Norma’s children and their families bestow on her, the Canon was expected a little later and they were gathering for the meeting.

            All four new arrivals wander out to say hi, chat for a bit and then the two girl and Matthew go back in to visit with Norma, while John gallantly takes the shovel from Pat and does the harder task of digging the weeds. I did manage to get all the plants watered and to transplant some lettuce seedlings into separate pots before being called in to lunch. We had just finished eating when Ian, Lindsay and young Harry arrive.

            Through lunch and all the chatting, eighteen year old Matthew who has A level exams tomorrow and Tuesday is sitting at the table, doing his school assignments as if he was in the privacy of his bedroom, amazing. A knock on the door announces the arrival of the Cannon, Norma, Susan, Ian, Pat and Gemma join her in the lounge room to discuss the funeral service leaving the rest of us to chat in the kitchen. This being the first time I’ve been privy to procedures involved in the preparation of a funeral, I had no idea, it strikes me that entry into this life is a lot less complicated than leaving it.

            By the time everyone said farewell it was time for Patricia to prepare dinner, tonight she chose to cook us a delicious Veggie mash topped potato and beef mince casserole, after which was time to tidy the kitchen and adjourn to the lounge for TV time before bed.



2 comments on “Days 14 and 15

  1. Interesting reading and enjoy what can be enjoyed despite the circumstances. I was in rural England 5 times, each for a month, some 20+ years ago and enjoyed staying in the varied small daintily furnished rooms at B and B’s all over mid and north England…as well was walking the small towns.

    Liked by 1 person

    • G’day Kahwahtan
      Thank you, We haven’t seen anything of the area as yet, we are waiting until after the funeral, then we will be doing some site seeing, 🙂


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