Day 13

Friday … 15th … Again woke to the sun streaming through the lace curtains.

On hearing movement in the kitchen I venture down stairs, enter to find Norma making herself a morning coffee, after being assured she has had a good night’s sleep, with no adverse reaction as a result of her fall, I can see the egg that worryingly sat on her right temple last night, has evolved into a black eye nestled in a slightly swollen area, that any prize fighter would be proud to sport.

A forecast predicting a rather cold wet next few days prompted a linen changing day, so the washing machine was loaded up with the first load, other morning chores are quickly dispensed with and we three set off to the shops.

I can’t get enough of browsing the isles, my interest being the different products for sale here. My main frustration at the moment is that no shop we have been to sells a simple pure all purpose bar soap, this is a product that is used in every room of our home, be it bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Doing hand washing or any sort of washing for that matter with chemical infused laundry powder is not something I enjoy.

Asking for familiar items also brings its own laughs as well as rewards, my inquiry as to where the store’s lolly section was located, had an assistant looking at me as if I was a different species, and naturally I didn’t think to use the word confectionary, but truth be told I was having as much trouble getting him to understand me as I was understanding his very English accent, albeit we both spoke the same language … it makes one a little more understanding of how an immigrant must feel in trying to communicate with limited English.

Eventually returning home, hang washing out, pop another load in the machine and have lunch, with no more errands to run, we have free time. Norma chooses to take a nap in her room, Pat sits in the sunshine in the hope of easing the pain that is relentlessly niggling at her hip, I go playing in Joe’s little hot house, Norma isn’t a gardener and hasn’t decided what to do with all the seedlings growing there, tomatoes, onions, carrots, spring flowers and herbs, all I can really do is keep the water up to them, until someone either takes them home or plants them out here.

Pat is on dinner duty tonight, so prepares pork schnitzels coated in crushed cornflakes, and mixed Vegies, between the three of us we are enjoying a variety of traditional meals but cooked in our own individual style.

Tonight it Norma’s rugby viewing night on TV and her home town of Wigan is playing, Pat isn’t interested in sport of any kind so is in her room on a PC, I went in to keep Norma company, honestly, it is a rather unusual game that didn’t hold my interest, I kept dozing off, so at half time I went out and washed the dishes, give me good old Aussie rules football any day.

Thought I better touch base at home, so rang Hubby only to be told he had been pretty crook with man flu, but was on the mend, I also set him the task of choosing a birthday gift for our daughter as I will not be there to do it myself, will be interesting to hear what he chooses for her.

It’s off to bed for me now.


Any and all critique welcome

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