Days 9,10 and 11

Monday 11th, 7.30 am. Overcast, cloudy with a gusty, and no doubt cold wind blowing.

Today is the allotted day for shopping, Norma and Pat need outfits for the upcoming funeral, I did bring a suitable outfit, but have decided the flannel PJ’s I bought from home are far too warm in this, to my taste over heated home, so have decided to purchase some light weight night wear.

All purchases achieved, it was then off to post a birthday card home to hopefully reach Bindy before the 22nd, it’s not the same as being there but a least she will know I’m thinking of her. Coffee time … so off to Hudson’s where they serve the largest mug of coffee I have ever come across, following that we hit Norton’s chocolatery … their name for it … where we buy up big, on the way to the car park we pass through a market square, where Pat and I decide to each purchase a small case on wheels with pull handles, to store our on-flight hand luggage, as it’s too heavy to lug around the airports during changeover flights.

Then it’s off home again where I catch up on my hand washing attend to some seedlings in Norma’s hot house, then with time to spare play a few games on the lap top until dinner, tonight menu being, sausages, potato and tomato, capsicum, onion and garlic Combo mix, followed by the usual adjourn to the lounge for some TV watching, before bed.

Tuesday … 12th … Overcast but dry

Breakfast over for Pat and I, Norma seems to have decided to cut this meal from her daily routine at the moment. Ian arrives at 9.30am to accompany his Mum to the funeral organiser’s, while they are gone, Pat washes the hard floors in the kitchen, passage and bathroom, and I vacuum the carpet in the dining area, as I has done the living room twice in three days, owing to the fact, Ian and Lindsay had bought their beautiful three year old golden Labrador named Aussie, who is shedding profusely for the second time since our arrival, thankfully it didn’t require me to do it today.

Ian and Norma return just in time for a cuppa, which we were all in the middle of enjoying when there is a knock at the door, a family friend has called to pay her condolences, and a few minutes later Norma’s friends Dot and Bert arrived, they actually drop in every few days, Bert likes to tend to the seedlings in Joe’s hot house, Norma not being a gardener, that was Joe’s domain, As the three visitors take heir leave, it’s only a matter of minutes before  Norma’s cousin and lifelong friend and her Hubby knock on the door.

With their arrival for lunch, it is decided that Ian will also stay and join us; it’s a simple meal of sandwiches, side salad along with a cheese board, fresh grapes and crackers, and to finish off Pat’s chocolate caramel slice. A well nourished Ian departs and the others adjourn to the lounge room for a coffee and family chat.

While finishing up the lunch dishes I hear the lady next door banging on the fence, trying to attract my attention, on venturing out to see what she wants, I’m handed a box of homemade chocolate éclairs and an invitation for us to call around to her home for a coffee anytime, after thanking her and informing her that Norma had guests at the moment, but assuring her I would pass the message on, I decided leave the family all chatting together, so I duck up stairs and catch up on my daily diary until I was called to say goodbye to the visitors.

It was almost dinnertime before the guess left, and as often happens they had been having coffee and nibbles most of the afternoon, so we three decided on toasted sandwiches for dinner, followed by the usual TV watching, prior to heading off bed.


Wednesday … 13th … A beautiful sunny spring day,

Woke at 4.30 am, and checked on the time home in Aus, it being early afternoon, I made a phone call to a friend, then snuggled back under the covers and slept until 8.30, a much more respectable time to get up for brekkie. Once the morning chores are finished we all pile into Norma’s car and head down to the shops, to have a browse and to pick up a couple of items from the supermarket, then we headed off to inspect the community room, where the funeral guests would be invited to join the family for a light lunch and chat after the service.

Home for a make your own lunch sandwich and drink then out into the sunshine for a sit and chat session for Pat and Norma, I chose to return to my room for some computer time.

At about 3.00pm Norma and I head of to the Doctors, Norma’s ankles are very swollen, and we all felt she should see her doctor, and as I needed a new prescription myself, I hadn’t had time before leaving the country, so made the appointment here, We hadn’t been home long when Barry came around to check on the seedlings in the hothouse, then it was coffees all round before he departed. Pat was on dinner duty today, so she cooked oat crumbed chicken breasts with chicken and yoghurt gravy as well as a tossed salad. And as we do, it was into the lounge to watch some TV before heading off to bed.


Any and all critique welcome

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