Days 5, 6, 7 and 8

Thursday 7th … Sunny till lunch time then nonstop rain til bedtime.

The phone call from the hospital came for Norma at approximately 8.15am, she left within ten minutes, telling Pat, who was actually woken by the call, to ring a taxi, and to please try to contact Ian and ask him to go to the hospital A.S.A.P. As it turned out Susan rang and offered Pat a lift with her, she was also rushing to be by her dad’s bedside. As so often happens in these circumstances, Joe passed away before Norma or the others arrived, albeit he had not been alone, a nursing sister had been by his side. In given time the sad family returned home to grieve in private.

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th Peter and my 51st wedding anniversary, I rang and wished him a happy anniversary, (he assured me it was a pleasant surprise)

Both days followed roughly the same pattern family gathering, and then departing to finalise all the loose ends left when a person dies, friends dropping in, countless cups of tea and coffee. Stories of happier times, sowing seeds that in time hopefully will bloom into shoots of healing, all this unfolding as outdoor the rain and wind appeared to be registering their sadness in their own cold miserable way.

Sunday 10th … Mothers day back home is almost over … again waking up to overcast skies but with the sun breaking through.

First things first, it is Mothers day back home and I am missing my family, I think even though I had spoken to Hubby and daughter on the phone yesterday, I’d personally rang because it was our 51st wedding anniversary, strangely enough had I been home, it may very well have gone unnoticed, or at least not celebrated, that being followed so closely by Mothers day, is the key … normally I would have cooked nice lunch, and everyone would have come, enjoyed our meal together, stayed for a few hours and departed for their respective homes, all feeling happy and secure in the knowledge that loving family bonds were holding steady … Noticing on facebook that Shelley, Kasey and Makenna were at other Nana’s, I rang Matt, knowing full well he would want to wish me a happy day. Assuming he would be home with Sierra, … for once I got it right … we had a lovely chat, just hearing his voice made the difference, having our daughter live so close tends to spoil me in one way, but in another it reinforces the fact that our son lives an hour’s drive away, not far by a lot of standards, but I’m his Mum and I miss seeing him as often as I’d like.

We went to the supermarket this morning to restock the pantry, now Pat is in the kitchen cooking a chocolate caramel slice and a lemon cake; it’s nice to have something to offer the folk that keep dropping by to offer Norma their condolences. Then the usual move into the lounge for some relaxing TV time before bed.


2 comments on “Days 5, 6, 7 and 8

  1. G’day Margaret,
    Thank you, I must admit I came more as support for Pat (Joe being her brother and last remaining member of her imediate family) Norma on the other hand has terrific support from her children, other family members and friends.
    A a Wendy


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