Days 3 and 4

Tues 5th …. Cold and windy,

Norma announced after breakfast that we were all going food shopping, what fun we had, well at least Pat and I did, poor Norma may never show her face in that supermarket again, between teasing her about all the different brands of food sold, in comparison to that at home, or the shock of hearing me tease the cashier about me having to use funny money instead of the real stuff we have in Aus, although overhearing her telling a friend over the phone that her two Aussie visitors were quite manic and she hadn’t laughed so much in years, would suggest her horror at our displays of idiocy was out weighted by her enjoyment of the outing.

It was decided I was to make a potato bake for dinner tonight as I would be home while they were at the hospital, all went well  with the preparation, until it came time to sauté the bacon, onions etc. Norma has a gas stove and oven, beside the fact I have an aversion to anything to do with gas, I had never seen a stove with no clear indication as to whether it was a self lighter or not, as for the oven part, no indication that I could see as to how to regulate the temperature. So I had to wait until the hospital visitors returned to give me a lesson on how to control the English version of a stove and oven with a number free (they had worn off the dial over time) temperature control. All in all our dinner was eventually a success, and because there were visitors expected in a day or two Pat decided to whip up a delicious choc caramel slice, before we settled down in front of the TV to end off our day.

Wed 6th … Cold, windy and wet.

Nothing stops for laundry day, certainly not the rain, so all was hung on a cloth airer in the corner, thankfully with the wonderful heating system that is employed here, it will be dry by tomorrow.

It was decided that using the Aussie orientated brain without the benefit of the Aussie measuring cups and spoons, needed to convert to the English weights and measurement system, may very well have hindered the total process a tad when Pat attempted to make Jam drops … and ending up with a sorta double slab cake with cherry jam in the centre that had a consistency of spongy rubber, on further investigation of the internet  recipe she was using as a guide, it soon became apparent from the comments left by other would be chef’s, that the ingredient proportions  listed were incorrect.

The daily afternoon to the hospital revealed not good news on the Joe front, the Doctors had taken the step to fit him with an automatic pain relief pump. Norma feels this has justified her stopping all but immediate family from visiting his bed side, her reason … and I can certainly understand this, is to protect his dignity, as she said if it was her in that condition she wouldn’t want others seeing her. On the other hand to give her her due, she has relented and given her permission when pushed, but the visit is limited to a few minutes, enough to say goodbye.

As Susan and Ian both have jobs and families of their own they take it in turns to do the night visits, thus saving Norma as she is there every afternoon, being Ian’s turn tonight he called in on his way home from work to catch up on his dad’s condition, after he left we three girls settled down to a delicious dinner of drum sticks, veg mash and broccoli, then into the lounge room for a spot of TV before bed.


2 comments on “Days 3 and 4

  1. I agree with Norma. The last time my husband was lucid just before he died, there were so many relations and friends around his bed that I had to stand at the bottom of his hospital bed. He wanted me to hold his hand and to lie quietly in peace .

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  2. G’day Margaret,
    Thank you, It is a vey difficult time fo evey one concerned, although not having personally been in that situation, I can only assume how hard that would have been for you, I honestly believe it is a time for immediate family only


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