Day 2

Monday 4th …  Cloudy with Sunny breaks but expecting showers

Woke at  5.22am, the bed being comfortable and warm prompted a deep sleep leaving me feeling delightedly refreshed, surprisingly without any sign of  the  dreaded jetlag that  I was expecting albeit a little too early to go down stairs, so I dug out my trusty little lap top and went over my notes.

Hearing movement downstairs at 6.30, I decided a cup of coffee was in order so headed off down into the kitchen, made my brew and seeing that as the light was on in what I thought was Pat’s room knocked, the cheery come in clearly indicate I had assumed incorrectly, as the greeting wasn’t from Pat but from Norma. We spent an enjoyable intermission sitting on her bed having a coffee break and chatting away.

Breakfast was a happy time, although I did have a job convincing Norma that smelly black stuff I was lovingly spreading on my toast wasn’t a poisonous substance, only Vegemite, I had smuggled a small container of it through customs inside my suite case, a favourite Aussie spread, she took a close look, and even had a sniff but there was no way in London she was going to have a taste. With the weather threatening to change for the worst over the next few days, we thought it better to take advantage of today’s sunshine and do any laundry we had.

A knock on the door heralded the arrival of Norma’s Daughter Susan with her children Gemma and Matthew, both of whom I had met on my visit thirteen years ago, but of course at that time both were in grade school, the difference now being, Gemma is very much a beautiful talented young woman, whereas Matthew at sixteen, is over six feet tall and very much the young man, although not brave enough to taste my vegemite spread, when his Nana Norma tried to get him too. Norma’s son Ian, his wife Lindsay and their son Harry had also arrived to say Hello.

Norma and Pat had to go to visit Joe in the hospital, Ian and his family left, and Susan announced that if I wanted too she would be happy to take me shopping for some jeans or slacks before heading to the hospital ourselves, being very grateful for that offer I accepted, so off we went, but as I had forgotten to advise my bank that I was off shore before I left home, I’d had to email them my new circumstances, and was awaiting confirmation that it was ok for me to use an English ATM to withdraw cash, Susan  kindly offered to pay any purchases until I had my bank affairs all settled, I’m now pleased to note that of late today, that little discrepancy in my trip planning has been sorted. I am now the proud owner of two pair of new jeans, following the purchase It was then time to meet up with the others at the hospital, after a short visit we all headed off to our respective homes.

Norma was the chief cook tonight; we were spoiled with a delicious meal consisting of roast potatoes, a pork chop and a tomato onion combo, once the dishes were done we adjourned to the lounge room to chat and watch TV before turning in for the night.

To be continued


2 comments on “Day 2

  1. I am glad that your visit is going well, although saddened by the cause of your friends need to visit. I hope the weather heads further into spring for you, as we move deeper into Autumn.
    Take care

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  2. G’day Claudette,
    Unexpectedly I finding myself overseas with limited PC time, means it being is what it is 🙂 … do I post, read or comment? … albeit I do thank you for your many visits, likes, and comment, all are very much appreciated, once I return to Aus I will start doing the rounds to catch upon everyone’s page. The weather has been kind, as in the sun does breakt hrough more days than not.
    As always Wendy 🙂


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