In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

This isn’t a joke but one of the funnyest things that happened on a caravan trip we went on a while back

Froggy Loo

Froggy Loo

We thought it was a ruse he hadn’t been on the booze
when he called for Pat to bring her camera over there
we all enjoy a joke ‘twas from the location that he spoke
that made us think he may need a Medic’s care.

Standing by the male’s loo door beckoning to her once more
had her unsure as to just what she aughta do
Bill and I started to giggle as her embarrassment made her wiggle
so I grabbed the cameras saying we’ll come along with you

As we all approached with a firm voice I reproached
you know very well that girls are not allowed in there
This once doesn’t matter so cut the goddamned chatter
there’s no one else around to really care

Feeling like two fools knowingly about to break the rules
we entered to where men respond to natures call
He hadn’t lost his mind as his strange request was defined
when we saw the huge tree frog clinging to the wall

With our cameras all on flash we resembled a paparazzi bash
while the poor frog didn’t even hedge
Excitement was running high then came an excited cry
hey there’s another one up on that ledge

A tour of inspection in the stand-up-only section
found one sitting on a pipe connected to the tank
Point and click didn’t have a show the zoom was the way to go
resulting in another frog in the photo bank

Bill who went outside found one that tried to hide
on a waste pipe that ended underground
We searched every where even in the ladies lair
but there were no more frogs to be found

After the entire hullabaloo we left the gentleman’s loo
leaving the frogs catching bugs for their dinner
Next time his request seems rather odd I’ll give a knowing nod
as this one turned out to be a ruddy winner


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