Tis the families of old, or so I’ve been told, who held the recipe
for the harmonious living to which we all hanker.
Mother ruled indoors … prior to speaking, cunning kids used to pause
while Father the sternest of males was mainly the anchor.

All that were able, quietly sat around the table for home cooked meals,
typically consisting of meat and three healthy veg.
Most children attended to their after school jobs, without rancour or sobs,
the young then preferred never to skate through life on the edge

Stay at home Mums were the norm before woman’s lib was born,
she undoubtedly being the glue that cemented the home together.
With our world revolving and progress evolving, orthodox family values
have undergone more changes than Melbourne’s weather.

With home duties no longer a perk some Mums went to work, slick kids seemed to have it made now dads no longer wielded complete control.
Meals once a family affair, now a chemical prepack if you dare, zapped in the micro, then eaten from the pack not a bowl.

After school chores they skirt, as iPods and mobiles sound another alert,
for exercise and outdoor activities now, no time.
One wonders, how much won against that lost after morals were surely tossed, family life seemed more family-ish when in my prime.


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