Writing 201; Poetry: Day Ten: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus



Setting off to the city in search of a better life
albeit fuelled by thine raging inner turmoil.
Disregarding all duties of mother and wife
abandoning three young for others to toil.

After many years the result of your departure
emerged in frightening horrendous fashion.
Broken trust bespoke the depth of the rupture
irreparable after such an emotional bludgeon.

The battle raging over fifteen years and ten
inducing enlightenment and understanding.
Harmony executed a physiological Zen
cause continuance henceforth concluding.

Without love, trust signifies highest regard.
Without trust, love is an illusionist’s façade.


4 comments on “Writing 201; Poetry: Day Ten: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus

    • G’day Mutafariq,
      Thank you for visiting, I do hope an inability to accept your kind invitation (bought about by lack of free time) will not cause you any inconvenience. My daily contribution of the 201 course, has set me so far back in my regular unrelated to writing activities that I find I cannot see my way clear to partake in the “My Best Event” as I will be limiting my writing for a while, albeit will not stop me from returning to WordPress as often as I can in the near future.

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