Day 4: Animal, Concrete Poetry, Enjambment


“L” Plater Sheep Dog


He is such a lovely little fellow with bright tawny coloured eyes,

he has come to live with Aunty t’was supposed to be a surprise.

He needed to have a proper name as his baby days were over,

smiling she took him in her arms exclaiming …I’ll call him Rover


To house him safe at night a small yard  was selected,

to keep him secure, warm and quiet a comfortable kennel we erected.

The din that fluffy scrap put up would shame a rock and roll band,

the howling, yapping and the yowling was really quiet profound.


With morning came release allowing him to run and play,

the beginning of training as a sheep dog and my, what a harrowing day.

A frightened yelp, our hearts stood still  …Please! … He couldn’t be down there.

Into the sludge pit I look … and into  two terrified little eyes I stare.


Laying full length … not causing a slide  … just reaching little front paws,

a gentle tug, some whispered words, and from danger the puppy withdraws.

A hosing down, a towel rub … and the chill slowly abates,

now off to play with the resident dog …Joe … while future mischief awaits.


2 comments on “Day 4: Animal, Concrete Poetry, Enjambment

    • G’day Lily,
      First let me thank you for taking the time to visit, read and comment, all very much appreciated. I think on your second reading you will understand that Rover was none the worse after this incident, within a few minutes he was playing with Joe, T’was Aunt and I that needed a coffee to quieten our jagged nerves 🙂


Any and all critique welcome

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