14th February


Valentine’s Day is here again

heightened emotion tilts your sphere

Romance will now take priority

when the one you love comes near

With a tender touch or secret smile

they can set your heart aglow

a special day for lovers

Cupid and his arrow deemed it so

It’s the quivering tingle shooting through you

when wrapped in warm arms

creating the feeling of coming home

as all doubt love disarms

So challenge this fourteenth of February

give St.V a whirl

Life’s far too short just enjoy the ride

as you let your love unfurl

Cupid’s Arrow

7 comments on “14th February

  1. Lovely words especially ‘wrapped in warm arms’. My husband’s birthday was on 14th February and I used to moan ( not really) that it wasn’t fair as I had to buy two cards for him . I’m off to put flowers where his ashes are today.

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