Liebster Award

This in my email inbox … I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. See my post for details on how to accept your award. 😉 …
How could these nineteen words transpose me into a quivering blogging fugitive once again?  After reading her complete message.I have no idea what to say to my new found friend

Such a thoughtful action that should have delivered a great deal of pleasure along with ego boasting bragging rights,to any normal thinking writer out there, why not me? Oh please before we go any further don’t for a minute think I’m not secretly thrilled to bits, I’m inwardly stoked and very much appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

The main reason for this piece it to explain why I have decided to accept the nomination in an honorary capacity only.

Liebster Blog Award - Honorary

Albeit grateful and humbled, as a private person I enjoy the anonymity of the internet, although well aware this isn’t an Academy Award nomination,  the heat of the spotlight may start to burning the tips of my ears .
To divulge a list of unknown interesting titbits about myself would mean delving into my psyche, please believe me I did that once, it’s not a place I want to revisit, thank you very much.

To go on and nominate others for an action I personally sidestep would be … In my book … putting them in the same position, so I will just come out and confess …  I feel … that all my writer friends are warm, friendly, wonderful creative people, who hopefully will forgive me for chickening out.


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