A Sporting Nation

Sport built within our core at fabrication, enabled Australia to become
a competitive nation,the way most of us prefer it to be.

With the summer sun now blazing, under the veranda the dogs are lazing
while father and the cat have settled beneath a fan in front of TV.

From daylight until dark, at Melbourne Park the Aussie open is now playing,
it’s there, not at work that the most ardent tennis fans would prefer to be.

When the silent excitement of the crowd could make a pin-drop resound aloud,
it’s in the break you can identify the chant. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

With Hewitt, Tomic and Kyrgios, all with mannerisms slightly curious
though, truth be told it’s Roger Federer I ‘d much rather go and see.

Following the sport of tennis can be fun, although when it’s all said and done,
perhaps the baggy greens at the MCG, would be more your cup of tea.

Whenever discretion is needed, there’s nary a boundary heeded
or a tactic not expended, just defeat opponents all would agree.

Whether captained by Smith or Clarke, I’ll bet they’ll inevitably leave their mark,
believe you me, if talent is a lock those two certainly hold the key.

Then there is our Socceroo’s, who generate more cheers, than enviousness
boos by rocketing the ball around the goalie, with talented repartee.

Postecoglou’s smile is now wide as his girth, for winning a place in the
final birth, although, being top goal scorers doesn’t secure a win guarantee.

Albeit there’s so much more, Cadels Great Ocean Road race, comes to
the fore,passing through his old hometown and favourite routes, a paradise by the sea.


2 comments on “A Sporting Nation

  1. G’day PJS,

    Oh I know very well your views on we sport mad ones, not only is it the reason that the word “most” replaced my first choice “all” in the 2nd line) it’s also what makes your comment so very much appreciated.;-)


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