Blogging 101: Say Your Name


I remember looking out my kitchen window one morning at dawn, having recently moved out of suburbia into the foothills of the Yarra Valley, nestled within the Dandenong Rangers and being captivated by the vision spread out before me. Misty far off mountain tops peeping through wispy almost translucent cloud that slowly wafted up the valley, the first golden sun-ray shards piercing through the fading night shadows, transforming the windows of the many farm homes scattered intermittently throughout these beautiful mountains into glittering gems.

            It’s not long before the crowing of my roosters is heralding the dawn, geese in the pen are noisily sorting out partnerships, a warble of a magpie and a Kookaburra laughing as the bird world trills and twitters awake.

            Natures tranquillity is suddenly disturbed by a faint whooshing sound almost ebbing and flowing, albeit getting louder with each new whoosh, until over the tree tops appear the first of four brightly coloured hot air balloons, each with the basket carrying a full load of tourists.

Rushing out side and looking up I could clearly see the people smiling and waving at me. This became a regular Sunday morning event in the summer time; unbeknown to us our home was directly under the sightseeing balloon flight path.

            I have spent many years now looking out that window and noting down what I see on any particular day, be it in prose or poetry genre, so when I decided to start blogging it seemed only natural to give my blog the title … Wendy’s Window to the World.


Any and all critique welcome

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