Who I am and why I’m here”


As most people do I also wear many hats in my everyday life, each with a different role to play in making up the person known to different people as wife, mother, grandmother, and a sometimes poet with a love for words that rhyme. Living in retirement on a small property in the Yarra Valley with husband Peter, and an assortment of animal friends that inspire many of my stories and poems.                                                                                                                                                           It was while attending a small sixteen pupil school in the Aussie bush that I discovered a love for the ballad poetry of Banjo Patterson, CJ Dennis and many other Australian rhyming poets, this being an integral part of the school curriculum in those days.
I started writing at about the age of sixteen and had kept a secret diary for many years, containing written thoughts that I could never actually say aloud, for no other reason than I didn’t think anyone would be interested.
It was discovering the anonymity of writing light hearted fun poems on the internet that gave me the courage to show a close friend my attempts; his encouragement prompted me to join a creative writing course. The pleasure and support I derived from this talented writing group was remarkable. I’m only sorry I never thought to do it years ago as it expanded my enjoyment in writing no end.
To be surrounded by such friendly likeminded talented people who take pleasure in seeing every one improve their skills has catapulted my solitary hidden hobby into an overt natural addition to my public character.
After three most enjoyable years I have since left the group, being the only dedicated rhymer in the team, I felt my work to them was more an oddity, don’t misunderstand they enjoyed my style of writing, and some even attempted it, none of which was beneficial to honing my skills in this particular chosen genre.
I now find myself here on WordPress, where I have so many opportunities available to improve while being surrounded by copious variation that I no longer feel the odd one out, and can just be myself and enjoy the craft.

5 comments on “Who I am and why I’m here”

  1. Well said…always cheery to know that another person is discovering her/himself in ways that lie somewhat inside…just waiting for a time/occasion to burst forth for the self/others to wonder in admiration.

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    • G’day kahwahtan,
      Thank you so much, I didn’t realise I had published the piece until the little yellow notice announced your comment, I am still struggling with the workings of WordPress trying to get the allignment of the paragraphs to work 🙂


      • Well….I am 70 and also struggling with websites/wordpress/facebook/aboutme/twitter and at times dont know if I have keyed in correctly….yes it is a challenge to post/write on the net….cheers…kahwah

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  2. Hi Muzzy, I love your post. I’m late with getting mine finished. We have a lot in common and I can relate to what you have expressed. WordPress is new for me as well, and getting around is a bit tricky at the moment. It seems we have a nice group of folks to experience this journey with. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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