Merry Christmas 2014

With confounded climate-change causing concern, for the predictability of Christmases past Santa‘s starting to yearn, traveling in weather so obscure tends to dampen any allure …T’was a simpler world in days gone by.

With the USA’s fall still on the go, albeit already buried under tons of snow, compared to that lot residing down-under, probably sweltering amid lightning and thunder … a poor bloke ‘ill need medics on standby.

All hosed down and combed, their presentation totally honed, Rudolf and the elegant eight almost chomping at their stable gate, aware it’s nearly time for their annual defy … guiding Santa’s sleigh across a star adorned sky.

Leaving Santa busy with orders to fill, and using dedication more than skill, I’m attempting to appear rested and calm, while praying my humble efforts cause no harm … to family or guests whom on my cooking rely.

It’s inclined to set an oldies head in a spin, selecting gifts for some beloved kith and kin, let alone extras for those special friends the choice on which discretion depends….albeit within Chrissy spirit they must comply.

What theme in which the house and tree to decorate, once spontaneous now a cause to speculate, should the tinsel be silver, green or maybe red, silly decisions that fill one with dread … possibly simpler to diversify

Confidentially, if we were to stuff this one up when all’s said and done around the corner comes another one, accepting our mental credence depicts the speed of their appearances…just a thought, your panic to nullify

Whether Christmas depicts a Christian toast or a family fun day for you to host, why not utilise the opportunity to send good wishes, to those too far afield to receive hugs and kisses … so love can amplify


Any and all critique welcome

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