It’s Too Quiet

Its quiet, too quiet, could be that everyone had gone back to sleep, albeit highly unlikely at ten am on a Saturday morning.
A choice to make; do I take advantage of this bonus, with four kids under six it doesn’t happen very often, but no … would be different if Tom was home, his early morning starts still have two more to go.
What the! that’s not normal, the dogs! … I can hear them barking from their pen!! They’re never penned unless we’re going out. Where are those kids – TJ, Sarah, Junior, Wendy, where are you? Come on kids Mummy wants you please … nothing … into TJ’s bedroom … no one under the bed, shoot have to remember to vacuum there later, through each bedroom, no one there either. TJ, Sarah, Junior, Wendy, stop it, this isn’t funny, Mummy’s not joking, answer me please. Playroom empty, breakfast dishes on the table so they have eaten … outside TJ, Sarah, Junior, Wendy where are you?
The silence is frightening, Oh hell surely not in the garage it’s supposed to be locked … it is, no kids here. The chook shed, maybe they’re collecting (and dropping) the eggs. Not there damn! TJ, Sarah, Junior, Wendy answer me NOW, dead silence.
Please god! … Police … call the police don’t wait, things happen, time is crucial, rushing past the dog pen wishing they could talk, wait they may know … open pen, find the kids, Rover, find TJ, both dogs are off in a flash down the block over the fence barking like fury.
Oh my god NO, they’re running around atop the dam bank, racing in the wake of the charging dogs, trying not to panic while struggling with the gate latch that has jammed again, how many times have I asked for this to be fixed? No time … climb over, nearing the dam my vision is being partially blocked but I can hear excited voices and see waving arms behind the bank, Oh dear god, climbing the bank I hear Rover, Spot get out, go home … TJ, Sarah, Junior, Wendy? … rounding the dam I see they are behind the opposite bank. What the hell is going on, why are you here, laying on the ground?, TJ’s yelling and waving his arms, Mummy Mummy come quick, but keep Rover and Spot away … I was worried sick TJ, speak to me young man.
        Mummy, Mummy look, Mrs Woolly is making babies she made one and is making another one, look Mum we can see it’s feet and nose, you said she wouldn’t have a baby till daddy was home to help her, she did it all by herself and she made two look.
Oh Dear lord thank you.


2 comments on “It’s Too Quiet

    • Dearest Bev, my friend,
      Thank you very much, thrilled you enjoyed it, you never fail to give me the highest form of complement anyone can give a story teller,
      As Always
      Muzz xxxxx


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