Homesickness for the moment relieved for one

impacted by the harshness of a twelve year drought

forced to move into the hustle and bustle of city life

to earn a living by a reprieve before returning

Resting under the shade of the majestic gum

feet dangling in the cool gentle flowing river

eating slivers of the fresh rhubarb pie
my nurturing Nana slipped to me as I left

you might get peckish on the way home love

The perfect way to pass this beautiful sunny afternoon

a gentle breeze fanning the leaves above

sending a mottled pattern dancing across the undergrowth

ending in shimmering blueprints on the water’s edge

The tell-tale buzz of busy wings announces the

arrival of a glistening brilliant blue dragon fly

appearing to rest on the water hover a moment

then is off again adding to the tranquillity

The constant chatter of the tiny green grass parrots

darting in and out between trees

while a lone eagle full of grace circles in the distant sky

soaring on the thermals overhead

Again I feel the serenity of the beautiful Australian country side

invading my mind as I sit in contented contemplation

welcoming the quiet peace

after the noisy family reunion in Tallangatta

A sunny afternoon


Any and all critique welcome

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