Think again.

Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?

The Big Bang had me crashing to earth.

Why are you kids watching that rubbish? if you must watch TV surely you can find something better than that. Of cause, my adult offspring and I assume the grand children were used to my disparaging remarks in regards to the constant codswallop dished up as nightly entertainment on the television.

      They like their father and so many others are addicted to either the box … oops dated myself there, me thinks … or movies. I on the other hand gave up watching movies when impudence, violence, sex and foul language became the be all and end all to dish up to the masses. I admittedly hate to miss the nightly news, which when one thinks about it, features without a doubt all the above nasties, the only way I can justify myself is the news keeps me informed, whereas to choose to watch a movie or a TV show I don’t find entertaining, in the least seems to be a tad hypocritical not to mention a waste of time.

      Anyway I digress, back to my guests who were all rolling around laughing at a group of young people dressed up in super hero costumes; another quick glance at the screen had me rolling my eyes in the superior fashion of mums when we know we are the only ones that show good judgment.

       It was weeks later while sitting on the couch busily nursing a head cold, that the same show happened to come on, to be honest I just didn’t have the inclination or the energy to get up and retrieve the remote from you know who’s favourite chair. The unaffected merriment emitting from that group of in my opinion talented young people, while I too vulnerable to fight it, held me captivated and  infected me with the dreaded curse known to the world in general as “The Big Bang Theory”  To feed this new addiction I’ve enjoy watching the show as often as I can ever since.

      How could I have been so wrong I had no idea, unless it was from years of trying to protect my young children from the evils of the outside world, thus forgetting how to be open minded now they were adults, albeit whatever the reason, I thank Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and the new cast members for helping show me that fun and laughter can be achieved, without offending a somewhat prudish Nana.

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