No worries … I can do it.

Word Press 201


No worries I can do it … I’m a girl I reply

aware of my limits … on this topic I’m not shy

Make raggedy Ann and Andy … an enticing lure

admittedly it’s been years … but it’ll come back I‘m sure

Pattern and material’s … tucked away with some trim

and buttons and thread aplenty … means no need to skim

Got my trusty old machine … I’m now ready to roll

oops It’s a crook needle … or someone’s shrunk the damn hole

Luckily a wire loop threader … I happened to find

making the task much easier … I won’t get behind

Have to hem all around … to stop material fray

but my fingers are refusing … to help me today

Everything’s in miniature … now this I forgot

difficult to be nimble when your digits are shot

So on I struggle … using the threader and tweezers,

to complete tiny outfits … for these little geezers

Sensing a challenge is on … am I up to this task?

why in God’s name would I bother? … so many would ask

I’m a women with principals … I seldom desist

because I am stubborn … plausibly most would insist

Taking a week longer … than the time I had quoted

was pleased that  …no hurry … in the email was noted

My customer ultimately … thrilled with the result

thus relieving fingers and eyes … from fine work assault


8 comments on “No worries … I can do it.

    • G’day and thank you
      You pay me one of the highest complements anyone can pay a writer, If I made you laugh, I feel I have reached a good place,:-)


  1. Hi Muzzy, yes, thank goodness for the wire loops – I’m with you on that. I have arthritic hands and can hardly do anything now. I used to crochet baby jackets ( they are quicker to complete) and sew dresses for my girls ,now it takes me all my time to thread a needle and sew a button on. Oh no, I never thought I’d would be yearning to sew a button on. Glad to see Ann And Andy are still smiling, it can’t have been very much of a trauma for them. Well done. Margaret

    Liked by 1 person

  2. G’day Margaret,
    Thank you for your visit,
    It’s hard to give up the handcrafts that we loved doing, the one saving grace I find is that we are not alone, and can usually divert in another direction, I never had time to write in those days, now the computer use is helping to keep the fingers nimble 🙂


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