Frame of mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?


Down but not out


Lethargically propped up in my bed

as dark gloomy clouds float overhead


Damp murky fog is drifting all around

while frozen dew glistens on the ground


This vision reflects the way that I feel

just like a boat that’s turned up its keel


My stuffed up nose and my throbbing head

from a germ invasion easily spread


Countenance becomes quiet depleted

my murder novel’s now completed


It’s time to rally and try to fight back

and head on down a positive track


Essence of lemon is steaming close by

and eucalyptus to give a try


Employing honey and hot lemon juice

to track this germ like a well-trained sleuth


Natural medicine works the best

to sooth a sore throat or ease a tight chest


This sick girl will fight back like a thug

Rather than downed by a damn little bug.

By Muzzy Posted in Muses

4 comments on “Frame of mind

  1. Yep, I liked that! especially since I have a nasty throat bug that kept me in and out of bed last night gargling away with apple cider vinegar and water. her’s to health!


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