Writing 101, Day Nine: Changing Moccasins — Point of View

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.


One door slams shut another opens.


He couldn’t help himself as he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, he loved her so much, even more than he had the day they married ten years ago. This whole second honey moon trip was his way of showing her how much she meant to him, while hoping that it may result in the start of the family he longed for. Walking down through the avenue of trees,  spreading branches a protective canopy filtering the sunshine, gravitating as he usually did when in a park, to the playground, drawn by heart-warming sounds of children playing.

While enjoying the carefree display of the children, his wife points out an elderly lady rocking a pram with her foot and knitting what appeared to be a small garment in bright red. It was her unexpected statement of, it should be against the law for grandparents to have to give up their remaining time taking care of kids, I can’t understand why people have them, I’m so pleased we don’t have any, aren’t you? that had his eyes filling with tears.

She couldn’t help wondering what on earth had possessed him to bring her to the playground part of the park, the squealing, running and bawling kids got on her nerves. That poor grandmother looking after them, it’s her retirement, she should be off on a cruise or something, how can people just dump their offspring on the oldies. Glad we didn’t go down that path, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy these luxury holidays if we had kids.

Looking up from her knitting, she calls out to the little boy on the slide, five more minutes Johnny before we must start off home sweetheart, he grins back at her and waves his acknowledgment. Packing her knitting away her thoughts take her back to a time not that long ago , how lonely she was in that empty home, almost stagnating, it was just such a godsend when the children suggested she sell up and build a Granny flat in their back yard. Now she had purpose, she was again useful, loved and full of life, thank you Lord she silently prayed.


Any and all critique welcome

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