Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-3Just for the fun of it.

An Introduction 


I had been writing down my thoughts for the past fifty plus years unbeknown to anyone, before confidentially divulging this secret to a complete stranger so to speak. Although that isn’t a fair analogy of our relationship, by stranger, I should state that although we lived roughly an hour drive from each other, we had been constant net chatterers for approximately ten years, without ever actually meeting in the real world.

Why a secret? Who knows what makes us the way we are, past experiences, or maybe I didn’t think to say anything to those nearest and dearest fearing their lack of interest. It was when blogging on yahoo 360 that I discovered the fun of anonymously interacting with others that enjoyed the art of writing, in it’s many forms.

Not to digress too far off track, back to my friend. As it turned out after retirement he decided to write his family history utilising his new found free time. In the following months while he was discovering his love for the written word along with his aptitude for writing free verse poetry, a style that surprisingly I was unaware was acceptable, that I confessed to him that my understanding of poetry was as such, it should consist of rhyming verse.

It was the real substance of the following debate that to me may have been the turning point in our friendship, learning what I considered poetry was only one version, then having to accept that others were as passionate about their style and there were many as I was about mine.

The upshot being he convinced me to join him at a creative writing group he attended. For three years I was a participant in that group, albeit I found that the longer I attended the more I lost my spontaneity for writing, admittedly I learned so much while similarly losing an equal amount.

I have now given away the group, definitely not our friendship, because there I found not was I the only rhyming poet member, but discovered I had a forceful pedantic nature that had trouble trying to critique their free-verse work, as was consistent with the working of the group.

I am happy to just tap away at keys for my own pleasure and satisfaction, after unsuccessfully scouring the net to find a workshop with the emphasis on Aussie bush poetry, my main poetry love, in the hopes that one day my lost spontaneity and motivation will return, minus any ambition to be an acclaimed Poet/Author which I discovered to be a driving force in so many writers I have come across.

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2 comments on “Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

    • Thank you Helen,
      I must confess that rhyming poetry is my great love, but because the 101 series are daily blogs, I have set them as pros, each poem form takes me a few day to complete


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