The games people play

One can feel the crunch of despair

when you’re suddenly made aware

that you have become another victim of the games people play


How many times have you been cheated?

by ones who have counted

that you’re gunna be best buddies for ever and a day


They always sound so damn convincing

as they carry through their trust facade inducing

your confidence tho any fears try to allay


Time and time again

they inflict their intangible pain

while to the outside world never are their true colours on display


It’s often the inner ache that forms your doubt

when sympathisers always say good karma will out

albeit they know it’s still hearsay


Pessimism born of such exposure

is damaging to human nature

leaving emotional wellbeing in utter disarray


This widespread affliction

has no cure in pill nor lotion

it’s exclusively in the hands of those practicing emotional foray


Just beware on life’s perilous journey

of what’s real and what is blarney

both being fundamental tools in the games people play.


Any and all critique welcome

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