If I could

Would I change it? Possibly, if I could,

and I felt it was the right thing to do, but I would

require clarification as to why it was passed in the first place?

Albeit first we check on this occasion,

the possibility that the present equation

adapted, may be deemed correct in this particular case.


Your right isn’t my right, respecting this quotation,

By whose standards is it considered wrong? I’d question

is it legal, or okay their ideas to debase?

Far too often, on a difference of opinion,

debate is overshadowed by derision,

and the one with ego overriding common sense sets the pace.

Also, it must be taken into account

the red tape we’d have to surmount

to alter what appears to be an interesting if unusual database.

Under the circumstances, please note

I would insist on a full committee vote,

because there would be repercussions allowing no room for you to about-face.

It’s easy when one’s preferences are overridden,

to succumb to a selfish doctrine

that will gather momentum and the predecessor displace.

I am understandably not too happy with the thought,

but it was for democracy that our forefathers fought,

I just pray that it doesn’t end in your disgrace.

By Muzzy Posted in Muses

Any and all critique welcome

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