Many Happy Returns

It’s Australia’s birthday; just want to spread the News,

praise her many virtues, share personal views.

Moods forever changing, a pendulum in the breeze,

a hard mistress, intractable, impossible to appease.

Unleashed, her fury, be it fire, flood or drought,

can be a dreaded adversary, of that there is no doubt.

Holding many dangers, hidden from an unwary eye,

a volatile temperament one can’t possibly deny.

There’s another side comes foremost to mind,

once experienced at first hand all others fade behind.

Dawn or dusk kaleidoscopically vivid colours cross her sky,

horizon a silhouetted sentinel standing proudly by.

Glowing jewels she shares, there’s no need for greed,

behold bountiful flora where fauna come to feed.

A land of brilliant sunshine, open spaces far and wide,

steamy dense rain forests where many creatures all reside.

A golden beach surrounds, oceans lapping at her shore,

a playground as whales and dolphins enhance her decor.

Copious rugged mountain ranges scattered all around,

sublime panoramic views none better to be found.

Happy birthday Australia from one who knows your worth,

I honour and salute you the country of my birth.

By Muzzy Posted in Muses

Any and all critique welcome

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